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Projects in the Atlas Mountains

Project: Eve Branson in Asni

Very proud moment for the Mavericks working with the Eve Branson Foundation in Asni. This is our third year working with the Foundation. Moving forward we are setting up permanent clinics and oral hygiene programmes working in conjunction with Moroccan dentists.

A total of just short of 600 kids were taken out of chronic dental pain and can now study at school free of discomfort and pain.

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Project: Essaouria

A very special visit to Essaouria gave us chance to take 403 children out of chronic pain, we have a big future at this place and the welcome was really lovely thank you to everyone involved in this project.

The director of the school in Essaouira told us how the children’s faces had changed now they were out of pain and could study better just the day after having bad teeth out!

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