Volunteer Programme 

Dental Mavericks is the creation of volunteers; ordinary people from around the world dedicating their time, expertise and resources for the benefit of others in need. Without them, we would never have reached tens of thousands of vulnerable people with our services. Not only do volunteers carry out most of our dental work in Morocco and Lebanon, they also donate vast amounts of expensive dental supplies and instruments and help continuously improve the quality of our work with their expertise and experience. Moreover, they cover all costs incurred by their involvement and contribute to future projects through any remaining funds after their trips conclude.

Today, volunteers make up our Volunteer Programme, which powers the Outreach Programme and strengthens the DM Clinics Programme. In the former, international volunteers travel to the regions in which we work to assume clinical leadership during our outreach projects. In the latter, they join our local teams for periods of time to bolster their work and provide guidance on quality of care and dentistry standards.

Outreach Programme 

The Outreach Programme has been Dental Mavericks’ primary mechanism for reaching beneficiaries since 2010 and continues to be the cornerstone of the charity. We have reached thousands of vulnerable people deprived of access to dental care in remote regions of Morocco and Lebanon by means of our mobile outreach clinics.

The Programme has evolved over the years with the help of countless volunteers and an ever-increasing wealth of experience to become the well-designed project-cycle it is today, with defined clinical procedures, monitoring processes, and strategic partnerships. It is one of the three core Dental Mavericks Programmes, alongside the Volunteer Programme and the DM Clinics Programme, and interacts with each of them in dynamic and complimentary ways.

DM Clinics Programme 

The DM Clinics Programme is a relatively recent addition to Dental Mavericks activities. It has signalled an important step in the evolution of the charity towards ensuring sustainability and long-term impact. This local capacity-building project started in Lebanon in 2018 and has undergone over a year of steady improvements. Now that it has become an official DM programme, we are working to expand this part of our work to Morocco and eventually set up further clinics in both countries.

Getting to this point has been a joint effort of our local team in Lebanon together with support from headquarters, and crucially, local and international volunteers dedicating their time, energy and resources to make the Programme the best it can be. We have been systematically consolidating our progress in terms of clinical standards, treatment protocols, monitoring and evaluation processes, and team responsibility procedures. We will continue to do so going forward.

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