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Our People: Tony Gedge

Marketing Pirates Of Dentistry

tonyTony Gedge is an R.O.I – return on investment marketing strategist, practice building and turnaround mentor. He is editor of three R.O.I – return on investment – newsletters for adding more purpose and progress and profit to dental practices.

For the past twelve years Tony has published three print newsletters for his network including ‘The Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Letter’, The R.O.I Letter, and The Profitable Practice delivering high yield marketing insights and for his ‘Sat on the Shoulders of Giants’ interview series Tony has interviewed over 350 authors, entrepreneurs, and business growth specialists including Paddi Lund, Yar Zuk, Larry Rosenthal, Paul Dunn and hundreds more.

Tony’s primary focus of his business life these days, however, is searching the globe for cutting edge information, technologies, ideas he can steal and distribute to his Membership, personal clients and his elite MPOD Royal Ruby Red Mastermind group that assists them to constantly re-invent themselves and their businesses.

He studies history of advertising and marketing and holds the world’s largest ad collections featuring famous copywriters from the early 1900’s.

Tony also researches and collects artefacts from the greatest business minds that dentistry has ever produced including Dr Painless Parker, and showman PT Barnum, members of the highly secretive Lunar Society that started the Industrial Revolution including Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly and Ben Franklin.

Tony writes about unconventional sales and marketing ideas (“somewhat badly,” he says), as well as reports, books, videos, audio books on personal development. “I love my readership that appreciates the way I look at things”, Tony says. “And that is stimulating.”

His books and business development programmes include The Hidden Persuaders, 66 Marketing Secrets for Private Dentists, and eleven other practice growth systems. “How To Stop Her Search With You”, his twelfth initiative.

Tony continues to write about sales and marketing and personal development strategies for private practice on a daily, weekly basis in the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry e-zine and private client newsletters. 

Tony is available for two speaking engagements per year depending on location. This fee is donated to Dental Mavericks.


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