Our People: Mari Bell Jones


“When I was invited to contribute to the Dental Mavericks core team I was not only honoured but also truly humbled. 

I was humbled to be asked to work with such a selfless, talented and powerful group of caregivers.  After attending numerous Dental Mavericks projects in Morocco and Lebanon and seeing first hand the impact this team has on families with no access to dental care, well it just gets to you, right in the heart and then you are hooked. 

I met the Mavericks whilst volunteering in Morocco with Gibraltar charity The Rif Community Foundation – RifCom (which I co-founded in 2008) and we have continued to work in synergy with the Mavericks ever since. 

With 10 years experience in charity project implementation and management, I have a keen understanding of the needs of the beneficiaries and a level-headed judgement in making things happen. 

With an additional 16 years background in Trust and Company Management, I also bring a sound knowledge of good corporate governance and best practice to the charity.  I am thrilled to be working with the Dental Mavericks and assisting in bringing unfortunate families, in underprivileged areas, out of daily dental pain.”

I’d much rather have a working photo of me but in all my working photos I’m wearing a RifCom tshirt, so will try and get one to replace this, whilst in Lebanon.

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