Dental Mavericks

Morocco May 2014

Thank you Eve Branson


A group of outgoing, energetic and adventurous entrepreneurs connected to dentistry whose aim is to give back.


In 2010, after a visit to a remote fishing village in El Jebah, North East Morocco... Tony and Cally Gedge from Marketing Pirates of Dentistry had a vision to help Moroccan children gain access to pain free dentistry.

Seven founding trustees of a new adventurous charity started to take shape.

Never undertaken by any UK dentist, Michael Oliver, Chris Branfield, Teresa and Mike Day, Jas Sandhu, Cally and Tony Gedge, took part in an eight day charity expedition 24th September- 1 October 2010.


Two hundred children and not a dentist in sight...Welcome to the world of the Dental Mavericks as they visit Morocco, North Africa. The mission, to provide urgently needed dental care to the children of El Jebah in the foothills of the Rif mountains.

Founding Trustees

Cally and Tony Gedge
Chris Branfield (Clinical Director)
Richard Howarth